Dear Students

You are now members of Kocaeli University, after gaining sufficient marks in the Undergraduate Placement Exam and having made a choice to study here. I wish to extend my warm congratulations on your first step into a bright future. On behalf of the entire academic and administrative staff of the School of Foreign Languages, I would like to express my pleasure in welcoming you here.

The School of Foreign Languages is characterized by its innovative vision, broad perspective and dynamic team of instructors. It promotes a student-centred philosophy of learning and offers an environment where students can acquire  necessary academic skills and meet the expectations of the modern world.

The Department of Basic English admits students who are enrolled on a course with a language foundation year but who have failed to obtain the required scores on the Language Proficiency Exam. The programme offers such students one year language courses designed to help them acquire a sufficient level of proficiency to use the language effectively in their academic, business and social lives.

The Department of Modern Languages offers compulsory or elective courses for students enrolled in the faculties and vocational schools of Kocaeli University. The courses are designed to help students acquire the language skills they need to pursue their academic studies, skills which will prove equally valuable once they have graduated.

As our world becomes more globalized, I would like to draw your attention to the indisputable need for everyone to raise their standards of qualification, as well as to the significance of pro-ficiency in foreign languages, something which cannot be underestimated. I will conclude my remarks by emphasizing that it is critical for you to make the most of the experiences you will have both in and around our school. It is with such thoughts and feelings in mind that I wish you all a rewarding academic year marked by gains and accomplishments in your study of foreign languages.




School of Foreign Languages