Örnek Sınavlar


~~Meslek Yüksekokulu Beginner İngilizce I Muafiyet sınav örneği
Aşağıdaki sınav herbiri 5 puan olan 20 sorudan oluşmaktadır. Cevapları arka sayfadaki cevap anahtarına işaretlemeyi unutmayınız! 

1. Mary : _______________ is a cup of coffee?
    Carl   : It is € 1. 
    a) How              b) What                      c) How much             d) How old
2. I don’t know the time. Look at your _________.
    a) address book             b) keys                                 c)  driving licence               d) watch

3.  Peter: What is your _____________?
     Lucy: It is 0 532 351 44 86.
       a) address                     b)  mobile number                 c) change                           d) questionnaire

4. The meat is in the _____________. Eat it with rice!
       a) glass                          b) purse                                c) fridge                             d) wallet
   5. Cindy: Where is your school?       
       Jose  : It is ____________the photo shop.  
      a) next to                      b) under          c) in               d) on                           

   6. I play ______________ with my friends in my free-time.    
       a) monitor   b) screen                     c) cursor    d) computer games                   

   7. Turkish people __________ spoon and fork.     
       a) work              b)drink                             c) eat    d) use    
   8. ______________ parents don’t like sushi. They don’t go to Japanese restaurants.

       a) my              b) you           c) I    d) Its

   9. In my free time I __________________ swimming
       a) play                         b) go           c) do                          d) read 
   10.  I’m sorry. I am _________ for the meeting.
       a) closed                      b) late           c) private                           d) open


11. Jordan: ________________?
        Carol   : I am going to the sport centre.
        a) Do you watch DVDs                           b) Would you like a drink
        c) Where are you off to                                      d) Is she going to school

12. John  : I like chips.____________________?
     Susan: No, I don’t like chips.   
        a) Do you drink coffee     b) Do you eat hot food                                      
        c) Do you like pizza                                              d) What about you
13.  Sarah : Can I have that blue T-shirt, please?  
       Lucy   : Certainly. __________________
       a) Anything else?                           b) No parking.                       
       c) Can I help you?                                                 d) No, thank you.

14 . Bruno : ________________________
       Mary   : Yes, please .
       a Do people drink a lot of wine?                              b) Would you like a glass of fruit juice ?                             
       c) Here you are.                                                    d) You’re welcome.                                                
15.  I do yoga but___________________.
       a) I watch TV                b) I listen to music       
       c) I don’t do aerobics               d) I do karate

 16. Jane:________________?
       Kate: We say ‘Pull”. 
       a) How are you                                                b) How do you say ‘Çekiniz” in English
       c) How do you spell it                                             d) What is this
                                     17- 20. soruları aşağıdaki parçaya göre cevaplayın

Dance all night   
      Listen to pop and rock groups
Meet new friends
     Come to our school party
It’s on Friday at 10:30 pm at Addres pub
     Good food – pizza, tacos and sushi
                                     No hamburgers and sandwiches
         No chopsticks. Eat with fork and knife
      Have a drink with your friends
                  Good price- £15
                       Don’t be late


17. What food do you eat at the party?
a) Pizza and sushi   b) Fish and chips
c) Sandwiches and hamburgers             d) Hamburgers and pizza
18. What time is the party?
a) Half past eleven          b) Quarter past eleven  c) Quarter to ten     d) Ten thirty in the evening   

      19.Which one is TRUE about the party?
a) You eat sushi with chopsticks  b) You meet new people.
            c) You eat food but you don’t drink d) You don’t listen to any music.
     20.The party is not______________________.
          a) a school party    b) a good price  c) expensive              d)  at  a pub



      GOOD LUCK 

~~Meslek Yüksekokulu Beginner Ingilizce  II  Muafiyet Örnek Sınavı
 Aşağıdaki sınav, herbiri 5puan olan 20 sorudan oluşmaktadır. Cevapları arka sayfadaki cevap anahtarına işaretlemeyi unutmayınız                                                                                  

 1.  I have got a headache. Have you got a/an ______________?
      a) stamp   b) tissue  c) plaster  d) aspirin
 2.  Jordan: When is the football match on TV?             Carol: It’s at six o’clock __________ Monday evening
      a) in   b) to   c) on   d) at
 3. Tom's sister is very beautiful. She has got long black _________ and green eyes.        
     a) foot   b) mouth  c) nose   d) hair 
 4. Cindy: _______________ children have you got?    Clara: Two sons and a daughter.
     a) How much  b) What   c) How many  d) When 
 5.  My wife is a _______________.She looks after ill people.
      a) teacher             b)  housewife  c) mechanic   d) nurse 
6. There is a big _______________ for my car but there isn't a garden or cellar in my new house.
    a) bathroom  b) bedroom  c) garage            d) kitchen
7. Susan: What do you do in your free time?              Ben: I _______________ and cook in my free time.
    a) go dancing  b) dancing  c) go to dance  d) go to dancing
8. My boyfriend is good at tennis. He_________________ play tennis very well.
    a) doesn’t  b) can   c) is   d) hasn’t got
9. I start work at eight o'clock.____________________ I have a coffee break at eleven.
    a) Then   b) Or   c) But   d) So
10. Sue has got_________________ hands but I have got small hands.
   a) hot   b) cold                c) big   d) fast
                               11-14.soruları aşağıdaki  parçaya gore cevaplayınız  . 



11. What’s the letter about?
    a) a beautiful garden  b) Adam’s own room c) his family            d) his new house           
12. This letter is from_________________________.
    a) Lucy   b) Adam  c) Lucy’s brothers d) Adam's parents

13. Which one is TRUE?
     a) Adam lives alone.      b) He lives in a flat.       
     c) He hasn’t got a pet.                                               d) He lives in the suburbs.                
14. Where is the kitchen in the house?       It's ________________.  
     a) next to the bathroom         b) upstairs  c) downstairs d) in the garden

15. Lisa: _______________________?                    Olivia: It's Saturday.
       a) What day is it today                          b) Do you go shopping at the weekend
       c) What time is it                                      d) When is your meeting
 16. Cindy: ________________________?              Ken: It' very modern and big.
            a)  How do you go to school              b) What's your new flat like
            c)  What’s your favourite school   d) How old is your new girlfriend 
17. Frank: _______________________?                 Brad: I have got hay fever.
 a) Are the students at school              b) What’s the matter
 c) What do you do in your free time                d) Have you got a computer
18.  Carl: Have you got any tissues?                         Linda: No, _______________ I haven't.
          a) great   b)  sorry                          c) here you are         d) not you again
19. Brenda: Excuse me. Is this seat free?               Sarah:  Yes, Sure. ___________            
       a) Really?                b) It’s taken.
       c) All the best.                           d) Go ahead.
20. George: ____________________?            Maria: Thank you. That would be nice.
            a) Can I take you to dinner    b) What time do you wake up
      c) What is this note              d) Do you live near here

                                       GOOD LUCK!


~~ İNGİLİZCE YETERLİLİK SINAVI ÖRNEGİ I-II-III-IV (ELEMENTARY I-II, PRE-INTERMEDIATE III-IV)                                                                                                  

1-6. sorularda, boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz. 
Joanne Carling is a 1______ at News World, a TV Channel. She doesn’t have a typical daily routine. She starts work at midnight and finishes at six in the morning!
“I usually work for long hours but I love my job because I am a hardworking person. My friends at work are very 2______ and hardworking, too.” says Joanne.
Joanne’s job is really interesting. She usually 3_____ a lot because of her job. Last month, she went to Tokyo because there 4______ a terrorist attack. But she likes adventure and this isn’t a problem.
“Tokyo is a very beautiful city, but it is very expensive. You can go walking in the city and 5______ photos with your camera. There are lots of good shops but there aren’t 6______ good restaurants. I don’t like Japanese food.”
1.  a) manager                   b) painter   c) butcher                d) scientist
2.  a) boring                          b) shy                      c) helpful                            d) lazy
3.  a) traveled                       b) is traveling                 c) travel        d) travels
4.  a) was                                         b) were                                             c) is                                                  d) are
5.  a) take                b) move                               c) like                               d) come
6. a) some   b) any                               c) lots          d) a lot of

7. Elena: Who is the boy over there?

Ann: He is my ______, Jack. his parents are my uncle Roberto and aunt Maria.

a) nephew                b) cousin            c) son               d) brother

8. Tom: What do you do?

Dan: I am a flight attendant. ı look after people and ____________ food on planes.

a) serve                   b) decorate            c) change            d) repair

9-11. sorularda, anlamca doğru olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.     
9. Waiter: _____________________________
    Customer: No, thank you. I like tea better.
a)  To drink here or take out?
      b)  Do you want some tea?
c)  Would you like a cup of coffee?
d)  Is that everything?
10. I do exercise and I eat a balanced diet because __________.
      a) I want to be healthy                   c) I eat lots of fruit and vegetables
      b) I try to get up early                    d) dancing is good for your body                                                 

11. Girl:  I have a lot of homework tonight. I need a science book. ________________?
      Boy:  Of course. Good luck with your homework.
      a) Where is your guide book?
      b) Can I borrow yours?
      c) Do you like your science teacher?
      d) Why is this difficult?

12-15. soruları, parçayı okuyarak cevaplayınız.     

Are you planning to visit Britain? Here are a few suggestions for a beautiful weekend away.

This famous tourist town has 11 km of beautiful beaches. Last year, 10.000 tourists visited this beautiful town. It’s the perfect place to go swimming, diving or sailing. There are lots of lovely parks and gardens to visit and it’s a great place to eat out. You can also go to a classical concert or go dancing in one of the nightclubs.
This was William Shakespeare’s home town. He spent most of his life in this town and wrote his plays here. You can visit his house or see his plays at one of the Royal Shakespeare Company’s theatres. There are some interesting museums and lots of beautiful 500-year-old houses. You can also go on boat trips and visit traditional English villages.
Most people come here to see the 2000 years old Roman Baths. You can see them at the Roman Baths Museum- or have a bath yourself at the new Thermae Bath Spa in the city centre. This city is also famous for its beautiful 18th century buildings and was the home of the writer Jane Austen. You can learn about her life at the Jane Austen Centre near Queen’s Square. In the past, Bath was also popular with the royal family and the queen Elizabeth I spent one or two weeks every year in this town.

12. Which of these sentences is TRUE?
      a) You can visit museums in three towns .   
      b) In Bournemouth you can only do sea sports.
      c) Bath is a very old town.
      d) Stratford is a good place for sea sports.

13. Which of these sentences is FALSE?
      a) Bournemouth is very popular for tourists.                                   
      b) Jane Austen was a writer.    
      c) Shakespeare spent all his life in Stratford.                                     
      d) Elizabeth I loved and visited Bath sometimes.

14. In line 14, the word royal is used for______.
      a) Jane Austen’s family                b) the queen’s family              c) a Roman family                  d) a British family

15. Which towns are historical?
      a) Stratford and Bath                                          c) Bournemouth and Stratford
      b) Bournemouth and Bath                                                          d) Bournemouth, Stratford and Bath


1-6. sorularda, boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz. 

We moved to Spain two years ago, after my husband, Don, retired. We hate cold weather and we chose Spain because it is 1______ England in winter and we 2______ wear jumpers anymore. We live in a place called Nerja. It has the best beaches in Spain but also it is very quiet and relaxing.

We spend our time doing lots of different activities. Last year we took some guitar lessons, it was really difficult! Now, we 3______ in a volunteer work to save the sea animals and we are planning to make a short visit to Majorca with our group. Because the environment is very important for our world and lots of animals are going to 4______ in the future.

We are going to a camp-site. Majorca is very popular with actors, actresses and 5______, too. For example, last year Steven Spielberg, who directed E.T., spent his holiday in Majorca and this year Johnny Depp is going to be there!

For next year, I’m not sure but I think we 6_______ do something for the environment again, for example planting trees or working with animals.

1. a) warm   b) warmer than   c) the warmest   d) warm than
2. a) have to   b) can                  c) can’t                 d) don’t have to
3. a) are taking part                          b) take part                 c) took part        d)  takes part
4. a) live                            b) disappear   c) lose    d) win
5. a) students                b) film directors   c) families                d) doctors
6. a) will    b) are going to    c) won’t    d) can’t
 7. Mark: Where is your town?

Kevin: It is in a __________ between two hills near a railway.

a) tunnel                   b) bridge            c) valley       d) lake

8. Helen: Why do you wear jeans, T-shirts and trainers?

Ann: I like wearing ____________ clothes. They are very comfortable.

a) colorful          b) wide         c) expensive         d) casual

9-11. sorularda, anlamca doğru olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.     

9. “My holiday was a total disaster; _____________________.”
      a) the waiters in the restaurant were very polite and helpful
      b) the weather was great
      c) the plane was three hours late and my room was very dirty
      d) I went camping in the country and visited historical places
10.  Woman: Can I talk to Jordan, please?
      Man: _______________________
      Woman: Oh, I am sorry. Goodbye.
      a) Can I take your message?
      b) I think you’ve got the wrong number.
      c) Who’s calling, please?
      d) Yes, speaking.
11. Hope: There is nothing good on TV tonight.___________________
       Nina: That’s a great idea. I am going to get dressed and call a taxi.
  a) Would you like to watch a film on channel 4?
  b) Let’s invite friends and have a meal together.
  c) Shall we go to the cinema?
  d) What about reading and going to bed early?

12-15. soruları, parçayı okuyarak cevaplayınız.     


Calvin Gillian didn’t believe that Norway was the place for an adventurous holiday. However, some friends told him to go there and he loved it.

“I’m an extreme-sports maniac. I’ve traveled to many different countries, but I didn’t expect Norway to be a good place for an extreme holiday. Tourists usually visit Norway because of its old Viking history or to enjoy a relaxing holiday and go salmon fishing in the famous fjords. But I didn’t go for fishing, I wanted adventure.

Skiing is the best thing you can do in Norway. Svartisen (the Black Ice glacier) is wonderful. The ice is not the usual white but a deep blue colour, like the sea. However, you have to wear special clothes, because skiing on a million-year-old glacier can be very dangerous.

Then, there is Hunderfossen Family Park or “Troll Park”.  A nice quiet day out, you probably think. You can go water skiing and ice skating. It is certainly a beautiful place but it is more expensive than visiting other parts of Norway.

I also visited the Holmenkollen Ski Jump in Oslo. The view from the top of the ski jump was wonderful and the ski museum was very interesting. I wanted to try a jump but unfortunately, it’s only for professional ski-jumpers. Anyway, I was very tired and I needed a break, so I went to my hotel and had some sleep.

Next year, I am going to take my girlfriend to Norway, too. She is having her holiday in Australia now and she wants to have a different type of adventure for next year”.

12. What is the reading mainly about?
     a) Historical places in Norway                  c) Skiing in Norway  
     b) Calvin Gillian’s holiday plans for this year                 d) Calvin Gillian’s holiday in Norway

13. Which of these sentences is TRUE?
      a) Calvin went to Norway for salmon fishing.
      b) You have to be a professional ski-jumper to try ski jumping.
      c) Calvin stayed at a campsite.                                    
      d) Calvin went to Norway with his girlfriend.   

14. Which of these sentences is FALSE?
      a) Calvin was mainly interested in adventure sports in Norway.  
      b) Calvin thinks Hunderfossen Family Park is more interesting than other parts of Norway.
      c) Calvin is going to visit Norway again.  
      d) Calvin visited more than one part of Norway.

15. In line 13, the word ‘break’ means ______.
      a) a short rest                      b) a sport                        c) a jump                             d) food

1-8. sorularda, boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz. 

Dear Sir / Madam,
I 1____to ask for information about your language courses. I am especially interested in an intensive course of two or three weeks. I am 31 and I 2______ in the library at Milan University. I am highly ambitious of languages. Last year I went to an English course for a month in London, so I 3______ English quite well but I need to improve my  listening and speaking skills. I am currently studying  a  pre-intermediate  level book.

I 4______ at your website, but there is no information about intensive courses next summer. Could you please send me  some information about dates and 5______? I would also like some information about accommodation. If possible, I would like to stay with a family.
I look forward 6______ hearing from you.
Yours faithfully,
Adriano Ruocco
1.  a) write  b) am writing   c) have written                d) wrote
2.  a) worked  b) have worked   c) work   d) am working
3.  a) should read                          b) can read    c) can’t read  d) mustn’t read  
4.  a) have looked  b) was looking   c) am going to look d) will look
5.  a) pollution  b) members   c) peace   d) prices 
6.  a) to  b) of    c) from   d) at

7. Receptionist: What’s your ____________?
    Customer: I am divorced.
        a) occupation  b) title   c) mobile  d) marital status

 8. Judie: I am a hairdresser. I work ____________.

      a) outdoors   b) in a studio  c) in a salon  d) in a factory

9-11. sorularda, anlamca doğru olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.     

9.   A: You look sad. What happened?
      B: __________.
      A: Oh, really? I can lend you some money.
      B: Thank you very much indeed. But the problem is not the money it’s my student ID.
      a) I bought a DVD player but it doesn’t work.
      b) I failed the driving test again for the second time.
      c) I lost my purse while I was shopping yesterday.
      d) I had an argument with my boy friend after the cinema yesterday.

10.  For public transportation I prefer subway ____________________________.
      a) because it’s faster than buses
      b) after that I got out of the car
      c) however  the traffic was heavy  
      d) because buses are more comfortable than subway

11.  Receptionist: How can I help you?
       Caller: I’d like a twin room with a sea view, please.
       Receptionist: Sure,  _____________________
       Caller: Does that include breakfast?
       a)  would you like a single or a double room?        c)  the price will be 90 dollars per night
       b)  can you confirm the reservation, please?          d)  we look forward to welcoming you.
12-15. soruları, parçayı okuyarak cevaplayınız.     
17-year-old Alexandra Kosteniuk is sometimes called the Anna Kournikova of the chess world. The international Chess Federation have asked her to be the new face of the game, which traditionally has had an image of middle-aged men or women? wearing glasses.
Alexandra started playing chess when she was five. She learnt to play from her father, and became a grandmaster when she was only 14. Experts say that her game is one of the most exciting they have seen for a long time.
‘Chess is not as popular as it should be, and I think I could help it,’ Kosteniuk said last week. ‘It is an honour for me to be described as the face of the game.’ She has her own website with pictures, poems, and the opportunity to play chess against her.
Making the game faster is another part of the campaign to make chess more popular. There are now strict time limits for making moves. Games that before lasted for hours can now take place in five minutes. The longest international tournament games, which sometimes took days, now last only four to seven hours.
Nigel Short,  the British grandmaster,  says, ‘There are a lot of attractive women in chess, but Alexandra Kosteniuk has made a very big impression. She is obviously very talented. Any sport needs attractive personalities, and I have no problem with marketing the game through her.’

12. Which of these sentences is FALSE?
      a) If you have internet access, you can play chess with Alexandra.  
      b) Experts don’t like her games.
      c) Now games are shorter than before.
      d) Nigel Short is marketing the game through Alexandra.

13. In line 9, we can change the word ‘lasted’ to______ ?
      a) to continue for a period time                  c) to finish quickly
      b) to come after all the others                  d) to think deeply

14. Which of these sentences is TRUE?
      a) The International Chess Federation wants chess to have a more modern image.  
      b) Alexandra’s father isn’t interested in chess.
      c) She became a grandmaster after playing chess for five years.   
      d) She thinks that chess is popular enough.

15. Why are there time limits for making moves?
      a) to make the international games longer  c) to make Alexandra a new image
      b) to make the game faster and more popular  d) to make Alexandra’s games more exciting



1-8. sorularda, boş bırakılan yerlere uygun düşen ifadeyi bulunuz. 

Gold is used almost everywhere, from our homes to outer space.
Gold has a number of advantages over other metals. It is soft, so it’s easy to use. It conducts heat well. It lasts a long time and it 1______ by the environment. Gold connections are very reliable, so they’re used if safety 2______ important somewhere. In addition, gold is a 3______ material in industry. Because of its special appearance, colour and beauty, it’s used a lot.
It’s been used in a wide variety of ways since it 4______. The main use is in electronics – computers, pocket calculators, washing machines, televisions, credit cards and spacecraft.
The second most important use of gold is in teeth. 5______, pure gold is not used, as it is very soft to use on its own. It’s mixed with other metals.
Decorative uses of gold include jewellery, pens and pencils, watches and glasses. It is found in bathrooms, on plates and especially on perfume bottles. The most impressive  use of gold is gold leaf. This is a\an 6______ thin sheet of gold.

1. a) isn’t damaged  b) wasn’t damaged c) doesn’t damage d) didn’t damage
2. a) will be   b) was   c) is   d) has been
3. a) skilful   b) awful                 c) useless  d) popular
4. a) is found   b) finds   c) found   d) was found
5. a) Either   b) However  c) Plus   d) As well as
6.  a) extremely   b) probably  c) possibly  d)immediately

7.  Carol: Have you heard that Jack________ a woman’s life?
        Jessica: Yes, I have. He helped a woman in a fire.

        a) killed   b) saved    c) lost    d) received

 8.  Mark: What’s the matter?
        Kevin: I’ve burnt my hand.
        Mark:  Here, put some ______ on it.

       a) ice    b) painkillers    c) tissues    d) vaccinations        
9-11. sorularda, anlamca doğru olan seçeneği işaretleyiniz.     

9.  You have a nine-day festival holiday. Although you feel exhausted , you don’t want to spend it at home
      by relaxing. So you say to your husband:          
      a)  We could stay at home and invite our friends for dinner .
      b)  Why don’t we go to Ayvalık for scuba diving?
      c)  How about watching oscar movie DVDs at home?
      d)  We should do all the housework which we’ve cancelled before.

10.  If everybody spoke the same language in the world, ____________________________.
       a) life would be very boring            b) it would be much harder  to communicate     
       c) we can understand people al over the world           d) we don’t have to go to language courses 

11.  Carol: Oh, no. The tap is leaking. We need a plumber.
       Adam: What’s a plumber?
       Carol: _________________________________
       a) It’s someone who fixes showers and pipes.
       b) It’s someone who looks after your house.
       c) It’s something that you use while coking.
       d) It’s the thing that the players play on.

12-15. soruları, parçayı okuyarak cevaplayınız.     
The world’s most experienced driver?
One of Scotland’s most active centenarians (it means being 100 years old or over) , Lady Morton, has been a driver for nearly 80 years, although she has never taken a driving test. But last week she had her first ever accident- she hit a traffic island when she took her new car for a drive in Edinburgh.
When Lady Morton celebrated her 100th birthday in July, she was given the Nissan Micra as a surprise present. Yesterday she talked about the accident. ‘I wasn’t going fast , but I hit a traffic island. I couldn’t see it, because it had no lights. It’s is ridiculous. But I am all right and luckily my car wasn’t badly damaged.’ 
Although she had an accident, she is not planning to stop driving. ‘Some people are just born to drive, and I think I am one of them. I’ve never taken a test, but I am a good driver. Because I listen to the sound of the car and I know when to change gear. Some people are very rude- they ask me if I’m still driving at my age. It really makes me angry.’
Lady Morton bought her first car in 1927. The main change she has noticed since then is the traffic. ‘It’s appalling. I don’t mind it, because I am experienced, but I feel very sorry for beginners.'


12. Why is it surprising for her to be a good driver?
     a) Because she hasn’t had a driving license and she’s 100.  c) Because she isn’t going to stop driving.                                         
      b) Because she has never had an accident.                                       d) She isn’t good at changing gear.
13. In line 10, we can change the word ‘appaling’ to ______.
      a) very good                     b) terrible                         c) fantastic                       d) not bad

14. Which of these sentences is TRUE?
      a) She has had her driving license for nearly 80 years.  
      b) She had her first accident in Edinburgh.
      c) There was no damage on her car after the accident.   
      d) After the accident she decided to stop driving.

15. Which of these sentences is FALSE?
      a) She wasn’t badly hurt in her first traffic accident.  
      b) She thinks she is a safe driver.
      c) She couldn’t see the traffic island because she didn’t have her lights on.   
      d) She didin’t have any accident until last week.